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Your Preferred Future Approach give business leaders a unique advantage by providing a clear planning path on one continuous platform. This platforms connects:
• Visionary thinking for the next 10 plus years;
• Strategic planning and thinking for the next 2 to 5 years;
• and Operational planning and thinking that falls within the immediate control of people and organizations.

The overall plan is fully integrated across all these time-frames, but with distinctly different focuses. Many organisations have benefited from this completely fresh look and challenge of the status quo or perceived status quo. The result is that leaders are consistently able to plan well, even if their worlds are going through changes. Combined with Eben’s Strategic Foresight background leaders better understand their possible and probable futures, ultimately leading to a balanced, structured future of their own preference. Therefore, the Preferred Future planning approach gives CEO’s and leaders the power to decide where their companies end up, and how to get there.