A Clear Strategy for your Business
Many boards, CEOs and business leaders think their companies are not getting enough strategically important things done. They know the business landscape is changing faster than ever before. They want to make sense of these changes and translate them into powerful actions they can take today. They want clarity, action and predictable results.

I can help get you there.

Planning for the future requires a different type of thinking in a modern, global marketplace. I help companies and business leaders get clear on the direction they want to go, and how to get there through clear action plans.

My Unique Process

Decide Where You Want to Go

Develop a Clear Roadmap

Focus, Execute & Fine Tune

Do you want to build a successful future-ready company?

Discover a clear structure and starting point to make Strategic Innovation work for you and your business.

Why People Love Working with Me

“Thank you, Eben, for helping get all of us on the same page. It was great to see everyone help design what you call the ‘Preferred Future’. It was great to work together and design our own company of the future, the way we want it.”

CEO & Owner, Established Family Business

“This is the first time that I, as CEO, know of that we are all pulling together on one plan. My team feels empowered, and I am super excited! And thank you for asking us some direct and tough questions about our business and how we work together, as we needed to resolve some issues we had internally. Thank you, Eben!”

CEO & Owner, Private Company

“Thank you for helping us sort through the weeds and define our priorities for the next year. We were struggling to manage our growth, almost to the point of failing, and really needed to plan our year ahead.”

VP Sales, Private Company

Does your company need a clear strategy for the future?

Let’s face it – simply making more sales or doing more business isn’t a guarantee of long-term success. You need to build efficient, innovative teams, manage your growth so you aren’t overwhelmed by it, and anticipate changes in the market with products and services that will meet the future demands of your customers.

Eben Louw has spent decades working with companies to help them understand their core focus and build a process that will get them to the future they want. CEOs and leaders of fast-growing startups and established firms alike have found success with Eben’s ability to cut through the noise and pair high-level, visionary thinking with concrete, actionable steps to make that vision a reality.