This quote about probably one of the largest, most disruptive influencers of future business models. I shudder to think that such a behemoth, with so many tentacles into so many revenue channels, considers its strategy a ‘long game’. This is somewhat ironic, as their long game is disrupting the ‘short games’ of smaller businesses around the world, many of whom do not even realize it yet.

Here’s how Amazon’s long game is impacting small, privately owned companies and their business models:
  1. Leaders need to look further ahead in their strategic planning. Take a far-off view of how your business environment is unfolding.
  2. Leaders need to spend more time looking outside their businesses. Improve your ability to read opportunities and threats, act on them, and make changes on the fly.
  3. Uncertainty in how business is done is increasing. Not only is uncertainty increasing, it is becoming the norm. You can never be sure that your long-held assumptions are still valid.
  4. Strategic plans need to become more agile. Your plans need to be specific and action-oriented. Involve more people with the planning, so that you can execute faster. This execution must follow much faster than before, even if mistakes are made.

Source: Amazon’s Results Illustrate What the Long Game Looks Like