Great, if somewhat philosophical, insights from this blog post. It uses photography as analogy to explain how leaders can construct a clear vision of the future.

  • The photographer needs to lead the eyes of the viewer to only the most important feature of the image they want to present. Good leaders need to lead the eyes of their teams to a clear vision of the company’s future.
  • The photographer should avoid visual distractions on his image. Good leaders need to address those parts of the future plans that distract from the ultimate vision. These need to be eliminated and intentionally countered.
  • Photographers need patience in finding the right moment. Good leaders should not let their teams chase after fads and trends.

Here are some insights for the business leader who wants to provide clear, visionary leadership to their company:
  • Your vision of the company’s future matters. If you cannot clearly explain it, your company’s future will be unclear to everyone you lead.
  • The vision of the company should be crystal clear to every team member. Does every team member know how they are contributing to that vision of the future?
  • You need to lead your team away from distractions. What are the fads and short-term trends that distract them from the preferred end result, and how can you counteract that?
  • A good CEO creates an environment for great vision to come forward and become alive. What overall culture do you need in your business? What do you need to have in place to create a creative atmosphere? Where teams can flourish and create a great future?

Contact me if you want to be able to describe a vision for your company’s future that is clear and moves your team into action.