Here are some excellent lessons for start-ups and long-established companies. I like the following quotes:

“If there’s a guerilla in your space, what are you going to do that they can’t do? You need to build something meaningfully different when going up against an incumbent-something they aren’t able to do.”


“Today’s companies succeed by creating a better customer experience, and they do this by investing in Design – I’m talking about Design as a methodology and not simply making their apps pretty.”

Source: Fundamentals of Startup Marketing: How to Punch Above Your Weight Class | OpenView Labs

The first quote asks you to define who you are, and why your company and its products and services matter. Without answering these questions, you should not proceed with creating a business plan. Just because you can run a business, does not mean you should be starting one.

The second quote brings me to something that you see everywhere now: only what the customer thinks and wants, matters. This does not mean the look and feel of the sales and marketing departments, or your website. Digital transformation is going to confront us with more going forward. And we need to develop the skills now for dealing with this.